The school has over 4 hectares of land. The spacious grounds are a legacy of the large student numbers in its founding days. There is a football oval, cricket and soccer fields, netball and basketball courts, a hall, a large resource centre, music and drama rooms, a computer room and a class set of laptops. Classrooms have recently been refurbished and all have access to ‘breakout areas’ that are used for learning activities including painting, construction, quiet reading and small group work. There is also a native species forest (Forbes Forest) and a vegetable garden. The school is located close to shops and within close proximity to public transport - bus, train and tram. Some facilities are available for hire and community use. We also make use of local facilities and services including Edwardstown Oval, the local gym centre, public transport and shops. 


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) 

STEM Learning design refers collectively to the science, technology and mathematical learning areas, engineering as a process to design, construct and maintain systems, and a cross-disciplinary approach to learning that increases student disposition in STEM related fields and their development of skills in collaborative problem solving, creative thinking and critical analysis.
A STEM Learning approach provides opportunities to investigate science, technology, engineering and mathematical concepts and thinking in a range of contexts and combinations, and the skills, dispositions and processes needed to refine, produce and share ideas.
STEM Learning challenges traditional delivery and assessment methods, exploring new ways of sharing content and identifying evidence of learning.