On January 23rd 1839, Alexander and Maxwell Christie decided to sail to South Australia on a ship called Sir Charles Forbes. The ship was named after an English surgeon who worked in the army. The section of land the Christie brothers found was named after the ship, "Forbes".    

Forbes Primary School first opened on Tuesday 12th of February, 1952. Allan Holland, the first head teacher, greeted the 710 eager students at 9 am in the front of the newly built Forbes Primary School. Some children had to be sent to Ascot Park because there was not enough room. The Infant School (or Junior Primary buildings) although established in 1953, was opened in 1958 on the 23rd February. During these years Forbes was the largest school in Australia with over 1800 students.   

The Primary School and Junior Primary school were two separate schools sharing a campus until 1990 when a "Facilities Redevelopment Program" begun in the school. In January 1995 the schools amalgamated, and a new Principal and Deputy were appointed for 5 years. The current Principal, Maureen Davidson, was appointed in 2019 and is tenured until the end of 2024. We now have approximately 250 students.