School Times 

  • Yard opens 8:30am 
  • Classrooms open 8.40am
  • Lesson begins 8:45am – 10:40am
  • Recess 10:40am – 11:00am
  • Lessons continue 11:00am – 12:35pm
  • Eat lunch (supervised) 12:35pm – 12:45pm
  • Lunch play 12:45pm - 1:20pm
  • Afternoon lessons 1:20pm - 3:00pm
  • Dismissal 3:00pm
  • Yard closes 3:15pm 

On the last day of each term there is an early dismissal at 2:00pm  


Breakfast Club

8:00-8:40am Tuesday to Thursday. This program is run by Volunteers.
Students must be supervised until 8:30am by their parent or caregiver.
Students who do not follow the school behaviour code will be unable to remain in the hall after collecting breakfast.     


Term Dates 

Term dates can be located on the Department of Education website.

2023 term dates are: 

Term 1:  Monday 30th of January to Friday 14th of April 2:00pm
Term 2:  Monday 1st of May to 2:00pm Friday 7th of July 2:00pm
Term 3:  Monday 24th of July to Friday 29th of September 2:00pm
Term 4:  Monday 16th of October to Friday 15th of December 2:00pm



Students are expected to follow the dress code and wear clothing that enables them to participate fully and safely in the range of curriculum activities. The school colours are maroon, white, grey and black. Hats are worn in the months when the UV index is high. The school sells a range of items with the school logo and parents may also purchase items in the school colours from local stores.

Forbes Primary School Uniform Policy