Indonesian is our language other than English and is taught to all students by a specialist teacher.

Performing arts classes allows our students to discover dance, act and play by a specialist teacher.

A physical education skills development program is provided weekly to students by a specialist Physical Education teacher. Class teachers provide daily fitness activities. Parent involvement also enables the school to offer a number of opportunities for students to participate in a range of out of school hours sports. 

Reception - Year 7 students participate in the Values Program which is introduced in the first 3 weeks of the year based on our school values statement. The program is integrated across the curriculum and implemented on a daily basis. Activities support students to develop foundation skills in developing skills for successful learning at school. Assembly Awards are based on these values.
Students who come from a non-English speaking background are assessed annually and 1:1 support is provided if necessary by a specialist EALD teacher. The school also offers an extensive special education program for students who are identified with learning difficulties or disabilities.

Numerous intensive intervention programs have been implemented for identified students who require additional support. These are predominantly in the areas of Reading and Numeracy.

We host two regional special small classes, one for Reception - Year 2 students and the other for Year 3-7 students. Students in these classes have an integration program with a designated mainstream class and actively participate in whole school activities and events. 

Forbes has a Pastoral Support Worker who provides pastoral care for students and their families who want this support. Our PSW worker works closely with the Wellbeing Leader to support students. 

The Student Representative Council meets regularly to discuss topics raised by students through their class meetings. Two representatives are elected from each class. The voices of students are important at Forbes and their opinions and ideas are listened to by staff and taken seriously. The SRC is an important decision making group within the school.

We have developed a special program with residents of BUPA, a neighbouring care facility for the elderly. A number of volunteer students visit twice per term and are involved in a range of interactive activities including reading, sports and games, singing and serving afternoon tea. It is positive example of active citizenship and community service.

Breakfast Club is open to all students and operates everyday offering toast and fruit. It is managed by volunteers who also source donations of food and drinks. It is a social occasion where students enjoy a social and healthy start to the day.

R-Year 7 assemblies are held four times in a term within our school hall - usually on Friday mornings at 9.00am. The date and times are listed in the newsletter. Parents are most welcome to attend this whole school community event. These are celebratory and acknowledge the effort and achievements of individual and groups of students.